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Monday, January 15, 2018

A Message From The Atkins Brothers

The Atkins Brothers 

Whats up IWF fans, its your favorite twins on the independent scene, Rob Atkins of the Atkins Brothers here to announce how excited we are for what is sure to be the biggest must see wrestling event of New Jersey!  With less than a hundred days until Loud and Proud 21, only one question remains unanswered:  What have the Atkins been doing since graduating and retaining the IWF Tag Belts the same night back at the IWF Center in Nutley? 

Since the IWF center closed her doors we have been wrestling all over the tri state area, beating out the competition and showing what it means to be a true wrestling team.  Most notably, my brother and I took over the tag division at the Worldwide Wrestling Alliance in Pennsylvania back in December to end off 2017.

It's been awhile since some of you may have seen us last, but for those of you who follow Brian and my tag pages you know that the Atkins have kept their roots of amateur wrestling, out grappling any and all opponents in the ring and using technique and speed to stay ahead of challengers. Just because we kept the same style of wrestling though doesn't mean we haven’t expanded our repertoire!  Specializing in submissions, we have been developing our own twists on some well-known classics you remember seeing legends tap out to when you were a kid.  We also have incorporated some intense, high octane moves that your gunna want to see! 

Brian and I are pumped to return to IWF for Loud and Proud, and can't wait to prove to everyone that we not only earned these tag belts, but that we have no plans on giving them up any time soon.

Follow my brother and I on FaceBook, Instagram, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube page for all the newest matches!

YouTube: Atkins Wrestling

Instagram: @AtkinsWrestling @BrianAtkinsWrestling

Facebook: Brian Atkins

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Year's Resolutions Are a Waste of Time by Southside Slugger Tony Graves

Southside Slugger Tony Graves


The New Year is here and as they say, “out with the old and end with the new."  It’s very true that you should learn to improve yourself each and every day.  But here’s the problem with that... It seems as though people choose to improve themselves at the start of the year and stick to New Year’s resolutions for about two weeks and go back to business as usual and in the end they find themselves not improving at all.

This is why New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time.  You’re simply not improving yourself.  You’re actually following the herd and doing what everyone else does and not completing whatever task you set out to do.

The true ability in wanting to change is not choosing one time a year to do certain task you set out for yourself, but to take any objective, task, and goal you want and make that change immediately.  If you want to get in shape, go to the gym immediately.  If you want to go back to school, don’t wait, start immediately.  The point that I’m trying to make is, if you hold off, you’ll never get to what you want and your life goals will be subjected to the first few weeks of the year every year.  Starting wherever you are at the moment, truly showcases your discipline and starting anything at the moment you’re in gives you a head start before everyone else.

In conclusion, start immediately because New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time and holding off task only shows you don’t have the discipline to start something outside of the farce of New Year’s Resolutions that people tend to fall within.  Be a leader and set the tone for what it truly means to follow suit with accomplishing goals you set to complete.

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