First-Class Justin Adams First-Class Justin Adams T-Shirt First-Class Justin Adams

First-Class Justin Adams is no stranger to excellence.  With an amazing amateur athletic background, Adams has decided to turn his attention and efforts to a new frontier, Professional Wrestling.  His unparalleled athleticism coupled with the superior acumen he displays in the ring makes Justin an instant hit in the IWF.  With no boundaries in sight to contain this promising new comer, Adams will show everyone what being first-class is all about.

Justin Adams is the IWF American Champion, having won the title on June 24, 2017.  He is also a two-time IWF Junior Heavyweight Champion, having won the title for the first time April 16, 2016 during LOUD & PROUD at Rec Center, Nutley, NJ.  He regained the title November 19, 2016 at IWF Centre in Nutley, NJ.  He began training at IWF Wrestling School in November 2015, debuted on Live Events in January 2016, and graduated from the program in June 2016.     

Height: 5' 8" 
Weight: 181 lb. 
Hometown: Staten Island, NY 
Birthday: August 31 
Debut: 2016

Titles: IWF American  |  IWF Junior Heavyweight (2x)
Awards: IWF Wrestler of the Year 2017   

First-Class Justin Adams  
First-Class Justin Adams First-Class Justin Adams First-Class Justin Adams
First-Class Justin Adams Justin Adams and Lisa Mateo of PIX11 News Justin Adams
First-Class Justin Adams