AJ Sparxx AJ Sparxx AJ Sparxx / Biggie Biggs
The incomparable AJ Sparxx served as Commissioner of IWF from 1998 to 2004.  As "pro wrestling's law and order," Sparxx enforces the regulations of the ring to their maximum limit.  If he notices that a wrestler is violating the law, Sparxx responds accordingly.  The "commish" occasionally lends his expertise to wrestlers as a ringside manager, having guided athletes such as The Patriot, Gillberg, Nicole Bass, Iron Sheik, Steve Corino, Raven, Nova, Biggie Biggs and Kevin Knight to victory.
Sparxx coordinated IWF fundraising and community relation's activities along with other special events.  AJ Sparxx is a co-founder of IWF Wrestling School, served as business manager at IWF and supervised the training of hundreds of students who have competed for organizations throughout the world, including WWE, NWA, OVW and Japan.  He began as co-producer of the John Arezzi "Pro Wrestling Spotlight" radio show with Vince Russo in the 1990's.  Sparxx was the promoter for New Jack City Wrestling (NJCW) in 1995-96, and the American Wrestling Council (AWC) in 1997-98, with both federations launching many young athletes to stardom.  The AWC later merged into the IWF in 1998.  Sparxx was inducted into IWF Hall of Fame Class of 2017 as part of the Federation's 20th Anniversary celebration.  
IWF Wrestling Hall of Fame
Title: IWF Commissioner
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Birthday: August 24
Debut: 1995
Kevin Knight / AJ Sparxx / Travis Blake 
IWF @ PHF Walkathon, Edison NJ, September 13, 2009