Dangerous Dan Dangerous Dan Dangerous Dan 
He's dangerous in the ring, in the club, and on the dance floor.  He's Dangerous Danny E, one of the most beloved stars in the IWF.  Dan has regained the admiration of the fans.  However, not too long ago, Rich Ross was the author of an insidious plot that paved the way for Dan to join The Ross Family.  But the Family has crumbled and Dan is once again on his own.  Dan is fiendishly gifted and can hold his own with some of the toughest foes.  Pompous as a peacock, he is nevertheless a credible adversary.  Dan has told anyone who will listen that his purpose for being in the IWF is to show others why he is the "Dangerous One."  
Danny is a former two-time IWF Tag Team Champion and former four-time Junior Heavyweight Champion.  Began training at IWF Wrestling School in 2002, and graduated from the program in 2003.  Dan joined WWE NXT as a referee in 2013, and officiates bouts on RAW, SmackDown and Pay-Per-Views.
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 185 pounds
Hometown: New York City
Birthday: October 29
Debut: 2002
Finisher: After Hours (superkick) & Standing Room Only (dropkick)
Titles: IWF Tag Team (2x), Junior Heavyweight (4x)

Danny E Dangerous Danny 
Danny E vs. Chachi IWF Grads Shawn Bennett and Danny E Anfibio referee for WWE NXT 
Danny E Dangerous Danny E Danny E