Fady The Arabian Bull Fady The Arabian Bull Fady the Arabian Bull 
Fady the Arabian Bull signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in June 2010, and began training at Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa July 2010. 
Chiseled out of pure granite, Fady The Arabian Bull has put everyone in the IWF on notice.  When Fady enters the ring, he is like a runaway locomotive out to derail anyone and anything that stands in his way.  With a background in college football and professional boxing, he is one of the most powerful athlete's to step foot inside an IWF ring.  He enjoys using his size and strength to his advantage and is able to overpower opponents and manhandle them at will.  This tough behemoth is not going to stop his path of destruction until he goes through the entire IWF roster.  Proud of his Syrian heritage, he's as indestructible as Superman, and it won't be long before championship gold is around his waist.
Fady began training at IWF Wrestling School under the direction of Master of Chaos Kevin Knight in August 2007 and graduated from the program in September 2009.  Is a former IWF Heavyweight Champion, having defeated Knight for the title on May 21, 2010.
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 270 lb.
Hometown: Paterson, NJ
Birthday: February 15
Debut: 2008
Finisher: Powerslam
Titles: IWF Heavyweight
Fady The Bull Fady The Bull Fady The Bull 
Fady The Bull Fady the Arabian Bull
Fady the Arabian Bull Chris Steeler / Fady the Bull Kevin Knight / Fady the Arabian Bull