IWF Wrestling Hall of Fame

IWF Wrestling Hall of Fame Members:

IWF Wrestling Hall of Fame Members


AJ Sparxx - Class of 2017

AJ Sparxx

Biggie Biggs - Class of 2017

Phat Daddy Biggie Biggs

Barry Delaney - Class of 2017

Referee Barry Delaney

Darren Young - Class of 2018

Darren Young | Fred Sampson 

Eloy Fiesta - Class of 2019

Eloy Fiesta

Kareem West - Class of 2019

Kareem West 

Mad Dawg Jenkins - Class of 2017

Mad Dawg Jenkins

Michael T. Blake - Class of 2017

Self-Made Michael T. Blake

Mike Winner - Class of 2019

Mr. Mike Winner 

Richard Ross - Class of 2017

The Boss Richard Ross

Rik Ratchet - Class of 2017

Mr. Showmanship Rik Ratchet

Roman Zachary - Class of 2017

Fifth Element Roman Zachary

Shane O’Brien - Class of 2017

Outlaw Shane O'Brien

Shawn Bennett - Class of 2017

Referee Shawn Bennett

Shawn Donavan - Class of 2017

Shawn Donavan

IWF Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2017


Community Outreach Lifetime Achievement Award:

Bert Baron  Community Outreach Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2017 

Bert Baron

Bert Baron Jersey Central WCTC-AM Radio 

David LaGreca

David LaGreca Busted Open on Sirius XM