Aztec Warrior Izzy Reyes Aztec Warrior Izzy Reyes  
Brutal, Barbaric and Brazen, The Aztec Warrior Izzy Reyes is always ready to turn on anyone.  With three years Independent Wrestling experience prior to joining IWF Live Events in 2015, he is a proven tough competitor.  Within the ring, he has passion like no other, wanting to be the best in the sport today.   Beyond the ropes doing usually what normal people do, yet with having the love for professional wrestling begins his journey.  Izzy is a hot-headed brawler ready for action.  Izzy is a crazy, sadistic fighter with a cold direct message to all his competition…Ready or Not I’m Coming!  Reyes is a former IWF Junior Heavyweight Champion, winning the title on February 6, 2016.

Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 215 lb.
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Birthday: March 21
Debut: 2015
Titles: IWF Junior Heavyweight 
Aztec Warrior Izzy Reyes Izzy Reyes
Aztec Warrior Izzy Reyes Aztec Warrior Izzy Reyes