Mad Dawg Jenkins Mad Dawg Jenkins Mad Dawg Jenkins 

Some say Jenkins is a Mad Dawg, but he is driven by a higher force…his faithful fans!  This up-and-comer looks fear straight in the eye and boldly marches right through it.  Not discouraged by the intense competition, Jenkins pound-for-pound matches up evenly against any fellow grappler, and will proudly do battle against any of the IWF monsters.  Jenkins is a rabid maniac who loves to hoot and holler at his opponents, laugh with the fans, and entertain just about anyone, even himself!  Look out, the Mad Dawg in on the loose, and ready to take a bite out of you!
Began training at IWF Wrestling School in April 2007 and graduated from the program in December 2007.  Mad Dawg is a former IWF American Champion and former IWF Tag Team Champion with Biggie Biggs.  Is one of the most popular wrestlers in the IWF.  Mad Dawg serves as Host of IWF Live Events and is a member of the IWF Championship Committee.
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 210 lb.
Hometown: Dawg Pound
Birthday: October 5
Debut: 2007
Finisher: Running Bulldawg & Jenk-Force-One (springboard clothesline)
Titles: IWF American  |  IWF Tag Team
Mad Dawg Jenkins / Tito Santana / Biggie Biggs Mad Dawg Jenkins
Mad Dawg Jenkins Mad Dawg Jenkins
Mad Dawn Jenkins and Biggie Biggs Mad Dawg Jenkins Mad Dawg Jenkins 
Mad Dawg Jenkins Mad Dawg Jenkins Mad Dawg Jenkins
Mad Dawg Jenkins
Mad Dawg Jenkins Mad Dawg Jenkins / Kevin Knight