October 23, 1999: Evil Intentions- Grand Slam USA, South Plainfield, NJ
Biggie Biggs defeated Keith Konway.
Brad Scott defeated Rik Ratchet by disqualification.
Donnie B. pinned BobCat.
Steve Corino defeated American Champion Kevin Knight in 10:09 in a BullRope Match.
IWF Champion Twiggy Ramirez defeated Inferno Kid.
Nova defeated Danny Doring after special guest referee Sal E. Graziano disqualified Doring
Steve Corino, Danny Doring and Rik Ratchet def Nova, Twiggy Ramirez and Kevin Knight.

October 9, 1999: Rampage '99- Rec Building, Nutley, NJ
Flash Wheeler pinned Don Montoya after a spine-buster at 6:58.
CJ Summers pinned Ryan Wing after a hurancanrana off the tope rope at 5:02.
Inferno Kid used a reverse blockbuster off the tope rope to defeat Biggie Biggs at 6:04.

American Champion Kevin Knight (with BobCat) defeated Twiggy Ramirez (with Madonna Wayne Gacy) in a Ladder Match in 17:11
Twiggy Ramirez won the number one contender's Rampage Rumble match in 19:02 by eliminating Inferno Kid.
Twiggy Ramirez became a two-time IWF Champion after defeating three-time champion Rik Ratchet in 12:08.

July 5, 1999: Battle For Independence- Owens Park, Nutley, NJ
Ryan Wing defeated Lupas by disqualification
Arm Wrestling Challenge: Rik Ratchet vs. Donnie B. was declared a no contest
Steve Corino defended the IWF Championship on behalf of Elite Horsemen as he pinned Kevin Knight
In a seven-person-tag-team handicap match: Kevin Knight, Lupas and Donnie B. def. Steve Corino, Rik Ratchet, Ryan Wing and BobCat

June 22, 1999: Lightning Crashes- Grand Slam USA, South Plainfield NJ
Don Montoya pinned Flash Wheeler
Brad Scott & Keith Konway defeated Ryan Wing & PennyWize by disqualification
Kevin Knight (with Donnie B.) defeated Lupas to retain the IWF American Title
Lance Diamond (with Rik Ratchet & BobCat) defeated Twiggy Ramirez to win the IWF Title
Twiggy Ramirez won the over-the-top-rope Bunkhouse Battle Royal
Tommy Dreamer (with Francine) defeated Steve Corino (with Rik Ratchet & BobCat)

March 20, 1999: Reckless Abandon '99 - Nutley High School, Nutley NJ
Ace Darling pinned Mr. Puerto Rico
Flash Wheeler pinned Judas Young
Nova defeated Don Montoya and Lupas in a Triple Threat Match
Twiggy Ramirez (with Madonna Wayne Gacy) defeated Lance Diamond (with Rik Ratchet) to win the IWF Title. Diamond defended the title for the injured Ratchet.
Kevin Knight (with Donnie B.) defeated Steve Corino (with Rik Ratchet and BobCat) in a Ladder Match to win American Title

February 26, 1999: February Fury- Grand Slam USA, South Plainfield NJ
C.J. Summers pinned Zieg to advance to Triple Threat Finals.
Lupas pinned Biggie Biggs to advance to Triple Threat Finals.
Twiggy Ramirez pinned Judas Young to advance to Triple Threat Finals.
A.J. Sparxx defeated Donnie B. in an arm wrestling match to win BobCat for 30 days.
IWF Champion Rik Ratchet (with BobCat) defeated Kevin Knight (with Donnie B.) to retain his title in a First-Blood match
Twiggy Ramirez defeated Lupas and C.J. Summers in a Triple Threat
American Champion Steve Corino defeated Nova by disqualification to retain the title. After the bout, Nova was attacked by Ratchet and Danny Doring.

January 30, 1999: Verona Vendetta- Verona High School, Verona NJ
Ace Darling pinned Mr. Puerto Rico. (Time 7:09)
Rik Ratchet (with BobCat) pinned Lupas to regain the IWF Title. (Time 8:36)
C.J. Summers pinned Zeig with a flying sunset flip off the top rope. (Time 6:40)
Kevin Knight defeated Marc Verow (with Rich Ross) in no disqualification match (Time 12:42)
Flash Wheeler defeated Judas Young by disqualification after Judas attacked the referee. (Time 10:30)
WWE Legend The Iron Sheik defeated Don Montoya by submission with the camel clutch in the Lumberjack Match Main Event. (Time 4:12)

January 23, 1999: Winter Warfare '99 - Grand Slam USA, South Plainfield, NJ
Biggie Biggs pinned Zieg
Flash Wheeler pinned Rocco Dorsey
C.J. Summers no contest Judas Young
Twiggy Ramirez & Kevin Knight (with A.J. Sparxx) defeated Steve Corino & Lance Diamond
Harley Lewis pinned James Proper
Lupas upset Rik Ratchet (with Donnie B. & BobCat) in a Lumberjack Match to win the IWF Title.

December 6, 1998: Operation: Annihilation- VFW Post 2636, Iselin, NJ
Kevin Knight (with Bob Cat) pinned PennyWize.
Ace Darling defeated Twiggy Ramirez and Judas Young in a number one contender's Triple Threat Match.
Lance Diamond won "Annihilation Rumble" match after eliminating Twiggy Ramirez and earned the right to challenge Steve Corino for the IWF American Title.
American Champion Steve Corino wrestled Lance Diamond to a no contest after both attacked guest referee Kevin Knight.
The Misfits (Harley Lewis & Lupas) defeated Don Montoya and Flash Wheeler.
The Blue Meanie defeated IWF Champion Rik Ratchet (with Donnie B.) by disqualification

October 10, 1998: Rampage '98- Rec Building, Nutley, NJ
Rik Ratchet won the "Rumble Rampage" Battle Royal in 19:23 after eliminating Lupas.
C.J. Summers defeated Mr. Puerto Rico by disqualification in 7:18 after Mr. Puerto Rico shoved referee Mike Kehner.
Jay Vengeance pinned Judas Young (with Rich Ross) in 9:38 with a sunset flip.
Rik Ratchet (with Donnie B, Rich Ross & Bob Cat) defeated Don Montoya to win the IWF Championship in 11:08
Steve Corino (with Donnie B. & Bob Cat) defeated Kevin Knight to retain the NWA 2000/AWC Championship in 18:21
Lupas (with Twiggy Ramirez) pinned Inferno Kid (with Don Montoya)

May 30, 1998: Mayhem '98- Rec Building, Nutley, NJ
Ralph Soto pinned Lupas
Troy Black vs. Vicious VIn - No Contest
Jay Vengeance defeated PennyWize by disqualification
Reckless Youth (with Donnie B.) pinned Twiggy Ramirez (with Madonna Wayne Gacy)
Don Montoya pinned Steve Corino to retain the IWF title
Kevin Knight (with Nutley Mayor Garry Furnari) defeated Rik Ratchet (with Donnie B. & Rich Ross)


March 14, 1998: Reckless Abandon '98- Rec Building, Nutley, NJ

Lupas pinned Big Mark Mest
Troy Black defeated Vicious Vin
Twiggy Ramirez pinned PennyWize
No Disqualification Match - Kevin Knight pinned Jay Vengeance (w/ Rik Ratchet)
CJ Summers pinned Rik Ratchet
IWF Championship, Lumberjack Match - Don Montoya pinned Reckless Youth