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"I'm not happy until you're not happy!"  That's the credo of The Boss Richard Ross, the master-craftsman of mayhem!  He's the mastermind of The Ross Family.  For years, he studied the science of wrestling and everything associated with sports-entertainment.  He laid in wait like a snake in the grass chomping at the bit for the right moment to strike with his venomous plan.  Ross catapulted his experience, knowledge and resources into becoming wrestling's premiere boss.  Be forewarned...his smile is transparent.  As the self-proclaimed Manager of Champions, he is sure to enrage everyone with his cut-throat tactics.  Whether its making shrewd deals to benefit his Family or searching for ways to make an extra buck, Ross is always conniving.  Whenever the Corrupt CEO cons the wrestlers, fans and associates, they discover the cold harsh reality that Ross is Boss!

Richard heads the management team at USA and NBC Universal partnering with WWE, supervising RAW programming.  Throughout his illustrious career, Ross managed several grapplers to gold, including five different IWF Heavyweight Champions (including Darren Young, Roman Zachary and Kevin Knight), five different IWF American Champions, and five different IWF Tag Team Champions.  He guided three men to the Tournament of Champions crown, and Boss Ross led his family to three Commissioner's Cup Tag Team Tournament Crowns.

Ross works professionally as a television producer with a major network.  He and Kevin Knight were co-hosts of several successful radio news and talk show programs at stations throughout New Jersey.  Ross was inducted into IWF Hall of Fame Class of 2017 in June 2017 as part of the Federation's 20th Anniversary celebration.
IWF Wrestling Hall of Fame   
Hometown: Bergen County, NJ
Birthday: December 10
Debut: 1996
Manager Titles: IWF Heavyweight (5x)  |  IWF American (5x)  |  IWF Tag Team (5x)

The Boss Richard Ross / Roman Zachary The Boss Richard Ross / Kevin Knight  

Commissioner Rich Ross   

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Richard Ross Richard Ross

WWE Superstar Darren Young / Richard Ross Richard Ross