Referee Shawn Bennett Referee Shawn Bennett Referee Shawn Bennett
The most thankless job in wrestling is that of referee.  No one ever praises the effort of the man in the striped shirt.  Rather, they are often the target of verbal and physical abuse.  Nonetheless, Shawn Bennett does his best to call everything down the middle.  However, there are a few drawbacks to taking charge in the ring, as occasional mishaps happen and Bennett will end up down for the count.  Sometimes the person on the losing end of a bout will seek him out for a post match “discussion.”  In the end, he is always there to do his job and that is to count one, two, three!
Began training at IWF Wrestling School in July 2002 and graduated from the program in May 2003.  Presided over many IWF title matches over the years and important bouts across the country.  Bennett joined WWE NXT in 2013 and officiates bouts on RAW, SmackDown and Pay-Per-Views.  Shawn was inducted into IWF Hall of Fame Class of 2017 as part of the Federation's 20th Anniversary celebration.
IWF Wrestling Hall of Fame     
Hometown: Butler, NJ
Birthday: October 25
Debut: 2002
Position: IWF Senior Referee
WWE Referee Shawn Bennett visits IWF School Fifth-Element Roman Zachary 
Shawn Bennett / Kevin Knight IWF Grads Shawn Bennett and Danny E Anfibio referee for WWE NXT 
Shawm Bennett / Roman Zachary Referee Shawn Bennett
Referee Shawn Bennett WWE Referee Shawn Bennett Visits IWF Wrestling School