Shawn Donavan Simply Ravishing Shawn Donavan

The presumptuous Shawn Donavan is a durable contender who is a man unto himself.  He's one of the most intense wrestlers in the IWF and has proven that he is a master of manipulation.  Its no doubt he has a passion to be the best and will do anything it takes to succeed.  Outside the ring, he lives the high-life and enjoys the finer things the world has to cars, fast women and expensive clothing.  In the ring, Donavan is a formidable competitor with an aggressive temper who prefers to use his experience and relentless abandon to overcome his competition.  Once he's weakened his opposition, he applies his Sharpshooter to cripple his foe into submission.  He has put everyone on notice and they all better remember that every time Donavan enters the ring, he's like a runaway locomotive out to derail anyone that stands in his path.

Began training at IWF Wrestling School in 2001 and graduated from the program in May 2002.  Donavan is a former two-time IWF Heavyweight Champion, former American Champion, and former three-time Tag Team Champion.  Won the 11th Annual Commissioner's Cup Tag Team Tournament in December 2015 with Michael Cammett.  Won the 13th Annual Tournament of Champions in 2014, as well as 6th Annual edition in 2005.  Donavan also appeared in the WWE Survivor Series football-themed television commercial in the Fall of 2003.  Donavan has also been an extra at various WWE Raw and SmackDown TV tapings.  Donavan was inducted into IWF Hall of Fame Class of 2017 in June 2017 as part of the Federation's 20th Anniversary celebration.
IWF Wrestling Hall of Fame
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 226 lb.
Hometown: New York City
Birthday: July 8
Debut: 2001
Finisher: "STO" (Reverse Leg-Sweep)
Titles: IWF Heavyweight (2x)  |  IWF American  |  IWF Tag Team (3x)
Awards: IWF Tournament of Champions 2014 & 2005  |  Commissioner's Cup Tag Team Tournament 2016 & 2015  |  IWF Wrestler of the Year 2006
Dr. Tom Prichard / Shawn Donavan Shawn Donavan / David LaGreca Simply Ravishing Shawn Donavan 
WWE Superstar Darren Young visits IWF Wrestling School Simply Ravishing Shawn Donavan
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Shawn Donavan Simply Ravishing Shawn Donavan
Shawn Donavan Simply Ravishing Shawn Donavan
Shawn Donavan Simply Ravishing Shawn Donavan