Dr. Tom Prichard Dr. Tom Prichard Dr. Tom Prichard
He's the Doctor of Desire!  Tom Prichard began his career in Los Angeles in 1979, then competed in various NWA territories before settling in the Southeast.  Prichard joined Continental Wrestling Federation in the late 1980's, then moved to the United States Wrestling Association.  Prichard won the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship and USWA Texas Heavyweight Championship.  Afterwards, Prichard competed in Memphis.

Stan Lane and Prichard formed The Heavenly Bodies and joined Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1992, and defeated The Fantastics to become the first SMW Tag Team Champions.  Prichard reformed The Heavenly Bodies with Jimmy Del Ray, and competed in the WWF against Tag Team Champions the Steiner Brothers at SummerSlam 1993.   

Prichard went on to compete as Zip in The Bodydonnas.  At WrestleMania XII, on March 31, 1996, they defeated The Godwins to win the WWF Tag Team Championship.  Prichard then became a trainer for WWE. 

Tom arrived in the IWF in 2002 and appears periodically on IWF Live Events, and serves as a Guest Instructor at IWF Wrestling School.  With 40 years of experience having wrestled every top star in the sport, Tom brings his tremendous knowledge to the IWF to further improve the skills of students and graduates.

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 230 pounds
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Birthday: August 18
Debut: 1979
Finisher: Piledriver
Dr. Tom Prichard / Kevin Knight Dr. Tom Prichard / Roman Zachary Dr. Tom Prichard
Dr Tom Prichard Dr. Tom Prichard
WWE Legend Dr. Tom Prichard Dr. Tom Prichard